Meet the Clearys

Meet the Clearys

Meet the Clearys

Glenisk is the Cleary family business.  From Killeigh, Co Offaly, beside the farm where our parents raised 14 children, our family has been producing organic yogurt and milks for more than sixteen years. We have a vision of an Organic Ireland, where the future health and wellbeing of all our children is assured. Here we believe that healthy soil creates healthy food to raise healthy children.

It is this philosophy that drives our commitment to organic farming in the hope that generations to come will reap the benefits. And it’s what ignites our passion for producing the best tasting organic dairy products in the world.

We work with 50 remarkable farmers to source quality organic milk for our products. In fact, we use 90% of the organic milk produced on the island of Ireland. Yesterday, we were seen as an alternative business but today it seems that more and more people are choosing organic food - for the great taste, the health benefits and to play their part in preserving our planet.

We stand for an Organic Ireland.

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