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Rory Best - The Life Authentic

Rory Best - The Life Authentic

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When you’re the Grand Slam-Winning Captain of the Irish Rugby Team, it goes without saying that you know something about discipline. So, it stands to reason that Rory Best’s children do exactly what he tells them, when he tells them, right? “It doesn’t quite work out that way” says Rory ruefully.

Rory’s backroom team includes wife Jodie, “the consistent, calming influence at home”, rugby super-analyst Ben (7), 2-year-old aspiring farmer Richie and Penny ‘The Boss’ Best (5).

So, how easy is it to leave the boots at the door after what can only be described as a trying and emotional season for Irish rugby? And what makes life authentic for Rory Best?

“The kids are smart and know how to read my mood, especially Ben”, says Rory. “If it’s been a bad rugby day, I’ll see him briefing the younger two. If it’s been a good day on the pitch, they know they’ll get away with more and they’re quick to take advantage.”

Richie’s passion is the farm and the family’s Aberdeen Angus Beef Cattle. While Rory, understandably, can only dedicate a day here or there to the farm, Richie has other ideas for himself. “I’m going to be a REAL farmer” he whispers confidently. As for Penny, she is circumspect about her career plans, keeping her options open.

For now, Rory tells us, her interests are “jigsaws, arts & crafts and bossing me around.” Seven-year-old Ben is rugby-obsessed. His ability to analyse the game amazes his parents, surpassing seasoned pros. He called the championship early for Ireland and was confident of a win.
He shares my optimism, or rather blind faith.” says Rory. That optimism is out in force as we talk about the future. “It was incredible to lift the trophy at the end of an emotional season, with ups and downs that affected my whole family,” he says. “I’m looking ahead now to next year’s Six Nations and the World Cup beyond. We have a great opportunity.”

Rory Best is partnering with Glenisk, Official Yogurt of Irish Rugby to host two Training Camps this August for girls and boys, aged 7-12 in Belfast and Dublin. Click here for your chance to win a free place.


A picture tells a thousand words… well, sometimes! The #TheLifeAuthentic series takes you behind the lens to explore the stories of real people and real experiences. They’re authentic – just like Glenisk!


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