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Many of us at Glenisk are (or were!) expectant mothers. Pregnancy is a unique time in our lives when our attention naturally shifts to eating what’s best for mum and baby. We’ve got some ideas that are both nutritionally excellent and delicious!

Overnight Oats

By Glenisk

With a deliciously creamy and pudding like consistency these overnight oats make a substantial and healthy breakfast that is ready the night before. To cap it all off you’ll be absorbing even more nutrients than porridge for both you and baby.

Omega-3 fats & pregnancy

By Aveen Bannon

Consultant Dietician, Aveen Bannon offers some expert advice for expectant mums on the importance of nutrition during pregnancy, in particular increasing your intake of Omega-3 fatty acids, to keep mum and baby healthy.


From the very beginning, choosing food that provides the essentials for healthy growth – protein, calcium, vitamins and minerals—blueprints a lifetime of health and well-being. It is our privilege to be one of your baby’s first foods, and to help with a healthy start.

Pea & Corn Fritters

By Glenisk

These Pea & Corn Fritters can be served hot or cold and all the family will enjoy. Easy to make and perfect for self-feeding and/or lunchboxes, each serving will provide 7g of protein which is essential for muscle and cell growth. The peas and sweetcorn are great sources of fibre which will help keep digestion healthy.

Solid Weaning Advice

By Glenisk

Weaning onto solid foods is a critical nutritional and physiological stage in an infant’s life. Congratulations on reaching this important milestone with your little one! Most parents have lots of questions about this important developmental stage.


Growing kids have their own ideas about what they want to eat and their favourites aren’t always nutritious. At Glenisk, we believe it’s our job to make healthy choices a little easier for parents and kids, by making healthy foods a lot tastier.

Sneaky Smoothie

By Glenisk

Green, leafy vegetables don’t usually top kids’ lists of favourite foods, so sometimes a little disguising is called for. A Smoothie that combines both fruit and vegetables is a good way to help deliver balanced nutrition without the fuss!

Organics and Children

By Glenisk

It’s a logical assumption: if you want your kids healthy, you feed them healthy food. And today, more and more parents are choosing ‘healthy’ by choosing organic.

Freddy little chick

Fitness Fans

Whether you are a professional or amateur athlete, a cross-fitter, marathoner, Zumba dancer, yogi, or into ball sports, you demand a level of performance from your body that requires high energy before, and muscle recovery after. We’ve got you covered.

Healthy Hake

By Glenisk

Hake is delicious, flaky and high in protein. To top it all off it has less saturated fats then meat. Coat it in a healthy crust and serve it with creamy Glenisk yogurt for a tasty main.

Protein Power!

By Glenisk

How and why do you consume 20g proteinper meal? Dr. Brendan Egan, discusses the increase in popularity of dietary protein for its many health and performance reasons, with yogurt and other dairy being key sources.


We don’t use artificial ingredients and we never will! Our approach is to champion real food, made locally with the best that nature offers – fresh, organic and goats milk from Ireland blended with the finest fruits you can pick. Our recipe section reflects our love of real food, made with the finest ingredients.

Mexican Bean and Pepper Chil

By Glenisk

Hold the sour cream! This delicious and spicy Mexican Bean and Pepper Chilli is paired with a wholesome and tangy Glenisk Yogurt Dip that puts sour cream to shame!

Why yogurt is good for you

By Aveen Bannon

Here at Glenisk we’re firm advocates for the benefits of yogurt at all life stages… but don’t just take our word for it! Consultant Dietician, Aveen Bannon shares her expert opinion on the health benefits of yogurt.

Weight Management

Experts say 80% of weight management is about nutrition, and it usually comes down to the right combination of protein, fats and sugars. Our products include high protein, reduced and no added sugar yogurts, in a range that spans all the way from fat free to extra creamy, and always taste great.

Fakeaway Thai Curry

By The Naked Blondie

We’ve got the perfect recipe to beat the call of the takeaway! This delicious curry from the Naked Blondie will satisfy your cravings while delivering a low fat protein rich meal.

Break the Yo-Yo Diet!

By Glenisk

So many of us are lured by the promise of the next new diet that promises great results in very little time. These diets often do work and you will lose weight…the problem is it doesn’t always stay off and once old habits return the kg sneak back on.

Older Bolder

Older, bolder, wiser – you’ve finally got the time to focus on what matters most and to fully enjoy these years, you want to feel your best. You want super nutrition for this super time of your life. Every spoonful of essential nutrients is a vote for healthy ageing. Let us help.

Healthy Fish Cakes

By Glenisk

Simple but delicious these gorgeous little fish cakes will satisfy and impress while providing a healthy dose of omega 3 and protein to keep you at your best!

Healthy Aging with Glenisk

By Glenisk

Healthy ageing is about growing old in absence of major diseases associated with the Western lifestyle such as heart disease, stroke, cancer and diabetes. Dr. Brendan Egan, discusses how appropriate nutrition is central to healthy ageing.

Coconut Flower

Dairy Sensitivity

Goats Milk is an excellent choice option for anyone who is sensitive to cow’s milk but still wants the delicious fresh taste and single ingredient of dairy milk. If, like many of our customers, you choose Goats Milk to alleviate the symptoms of asthma, eczema or digestive complaints, it’s good to know you can enjoy the fresh and mild taste of our Irish Goats Milk.

Wholesome Vegetable Soup

By Glenisk

Enjoy an incredibly creamy and wholesome soup made with creamy Glenisk Goat’s Milk and flavoursome fresh vegetables. Packed full of nutrition this soup is perfect of those of who choose goats due to dairy sensitivities.

We’re working on it!

By Glenisk

Here at Glenisk we’re always working on finding new articles and insights to inspire you on your Journey. Right now, we’ve nothing current for our dairy sensitive friends but don’t worry this section won’t be empty for long!

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