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Dramatic events often lead to big changes. So it was with a major fire at our manufacturing facility in September 2021. As the building smouldered and the extent of the catastrophe unfolded, one of the earliest vows we made was that when Glenisk yogurt returned, it would not be making a comeback in plastic pots.

Our journey to carbon-neutral packaging had started some years prior. We had slowly been transitioning – first our milk cartons, then our Bio big pots to certified carbon-neutral. For years, we had been asking our packaging suppliers to come up with more sustainable solutions. We looked at every conceivable way to remove plastic altogether – eliminating the screw cap on milk cartons, switching yogurt pots to paper. We also looked at how to reduce or improve it where it was essential. Thus, the fine layer of PE on the inner lining of our pots that keeps it food-safe and leak-proof is sourced from tree resin from sustainable forests, rather than from fossil-fuels.

To ensure we measure and improve, we are certified by Climate Partner.

We support a range of projects including sustainable CookStoves in Uganda, Orang Utan Habitats in Indonesia, reforestation in Europe, Cleaner Oceans Protection in South America and Renewable Energy projects in Asia.

Our pots and cartons are made from 100% renewable materials and are fully recyclable. While the drama of 2021 is behind us, we remain focused on big changes. Our next challenge is to source fully biodegradable yogurt pots. Watch this space!

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