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A rescue donkey, two rescue goats and a series of co-incidences led to Glenisk’s association with goats’ dairy. Almost 30 years later, fresh goats’ milk and yogurt is a daily staple for many in Ireland. Loved for its mild taste and sustainable farming, customers who are sensitive to cows’ milk praise Glenisk goats’ dairy for alleviating symptoms of asthma, eczema and digestive complaints.

what our customers say

I used to suffer from asthma and from digestive problems.
I was told by a dietitian to move to goats’ milk. I no longer need
an inhaler and it has helped with my gut health immensely.
Charlotte Kearney, Kildare
As a sufferer of psoriasis from my early 20’s, moving
to goats’ milk assisted greatly in keeping this under control
and provided a great boost to my system in general.
Mike Kissane, Kerry
I started using goats’ milk in 1965 as a result of my
asthma. There was an immediate improvement in my
well-being, and I have used Glenisk goats’ milk &
yogurts since they both came to the market.
Martin Doyle, Wicklow
I first bought goats’ milk on the recommendation of my doctor as
my son, then 2, was constantly coughing and having to get antibiotics.
My doctor informed me that cows’ milk did not agree with everyone
and to try goats’ milk instead. I did this and noticed a difference
in my son straight away.
Lisa Kavanagh, Dublin
My son has asthma, but when he was a toddler, he would
often have stomach pains, itchy skin and constipation. I decided to start
him on goats’ milk and yogurts. The difference in him was immediate,
he improved phenomenally and so we’ve never looked back.
It helps that he loves it too!
Marie Morris, Kerry
I used to drink goats’ milk as a child and recently rediscovered it.
I feel it improves my immune system and eases digestion.
Alla Bajorska, Antrim

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