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How do I get in touch?
Are your products pasteurised?
Do your products contain live cultures?
What cultures do you use in Glenisk yogurts?
How much bacteria is in your yogurts?
I would like information on the nutrient profile or ingredients of your yogurts.
Are your yogurts sugar-free?
How much added sugar is in your kids yogurts?
What does Greek-Style yogurt mean?
What is High Protein yogurt?
Are your products gluten free?


Can I recycle Glenisk products?
How is your packaging certified as carbon neutral or climate neutral?


What is organic?
Who certifies Glenisk as organic?
Isn’t all farming in Ireland organic?
Are your goats’ products organic?

Not currently. We are hoping to one day have the goat farms certified organic. Organic certification for goats presents some unique challenges but we are working through these. In the meantime, the farmers ensure the goats have access to outdoor space and do not use genetically modified food.

Goats’ & Dietary Sensitivity

Do your farmers use bovine growth hormones at Glenisk?
Does your goats’ milk cure asthma/ eczema/ digestive complaints?

Where to buy

Where can I buy Glenisk products?
Ownership/ management
Who owns Glenisk?

Glenisk was founded in 1987 by Jack and Mary Cleary, on the site of the family farm just outside Tullamore in the centre of Ireland. In the mid 1990s, the next generation of Clearys took over the business, switched to organic and developed it into Ireland’s #1 Yogurt brand. In 2006, Stonyfield Europe acquired a minority shareholding in Glenisk and was acquired by Groupe DANONE. The Cleary family continue to own and operate Glenisk and are the majority shareholders.

Where do you source your milk?
I would like to become an organic farmer/ a Glenisk supplier
I would like to become a goats’ milk farmer/ a Glenisk supplier
Job opportunities
How do I apply to work for Glenisk?
I’ve chosen Glenisk for my school / college project. Can you answer some questions for me?

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