aveen bannon’s top 10 weaning tips

a child needs to try a taste/flavour 12 times

aveen bannon, R.D & consultant nutritionist shares her top 10 weaning tips to help you on your journey. 

  1. A baby’s energy and nutrient needs exceed what is provided with breast or formula milk and so this is the time to start introducing complementary foods.
  2. Continue to breast-feed on demand or give formula milk (600-600 mls) daily when weaning.
  3. Always stay with baby when he or she is eating.
  4. Never put rusks, cereals or other food into the bottle.
  5. Encourage your baby to drink from a beaker from 6 months. Best drinks for babies under one are breast milk, water or infant formula.
  6. Bottles should be discouraged after the age of one year. 
  7. Introduce savoury purées before sweet. e.g vegetables before fruits
  8. Babies who start weaning at 6 months should progress quickly from purée to thicker, smooth purées without lumps.
  9. Including two 30g servings of oily fish (salmon, mackerel, trout) in a baby’s weekly diet from about 7 months will help baby meet their Omega-3 requirements. 
  10. A child needs to try a taste/flavour 12 times before they know they like the food so don’t be put off by facial expressions!

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