Sinead Delahunty – The Life Authentic

Sinead Delahunty – The Life Authentic

Sinead Delahunty – The Life Authentic

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Gaelic Footballer, full-time physiotherapist, food blogger and author, Sinéad Delahunty has quite the busy schedule. And downtime? Well, of course, it involves all of the above!

It can be easy to get caught up in the noise and rush of everyday life (particularly with a demanding schedule like that), so we asked Sinéad how she manages to juggle it all and, where she finds solace and authenticity in the everyday? Her answer – food, family and a strong sense of self.

Growing up on a family farm in Fethard, Co. Tipperary, Sinéad never knew what fast food was, having only discovered the “horrors” of Pot Noodle during her first year of college. She also couldn’t understand why everyone else didn’t bring packed lunches to college, as she so diligently did. When it comes to food good habits are for life, she believes.

An appreciation for good, wholesome food – from how it is grown to how it gets to your plate – has been ingrained in Sinéad from an early age. She credits her Mum as being “an amazing home cook”, as well as having a host of home-baking extraordinaire aunties. The kitchen table was, and still is, the heart of the home in the Delahunty household.

Encouraged by her brother (or “to keep her brother happy”, as she put it exactly), Sinéad started her food blog, Delalicious, in February 2015. Sinead took a ‘learn-as-you-go’ approach, sharing her delalicious, hearty and healthy home-cooked recipes to her growing followers. Little over a year later she was approached by Collins Press to publish her very own cookbook, the aptly titled Delalicious: A Full Plate for a Full Life. After a busy day, cooking is Sinéad’s “me time”, a way to relax and unwind.

As a food blogger and author, social media is an integral part of Sinéad’s life but she is all too aware of the perception of perfection that is portrayed online. The challenge, she believes, is balance – be genuine, delight in sharing a picture of your work-of-art dish but also don’t be afraid to share your mistakes. “Social media has opened up so many new opportunities for me and I have made so many connections and friendships with people all over the world; however, it’s important to take things offline too and remove the barrier of a screen”.

To Sinéad, family isn’t just blood-deep. “I’m lucky to have, what I see as, several families – both my work colleagues in Dublin and my club, as well as my family in Tipperary of course, give me my sense of belonging and a balance to my life”. There is no denying the bond that exists among teammates, at club, county and professional level, and Sinéad believes that sport has played a huge role in shaping her into the person she is today. “You play for each other – your teammates, your family…they are the ones who always believe in you even if you’re having an off day”.

Life needs good food and good people, I think we can all agree with Sinéad on that front.

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