vincent cleary

definitely not
a hippy

Get to know the team with our Quickfire Q&A!

First up, it’s the boss…

Managing Director.

Describe your job in six words or less.
Make it up as I go.

Best part of your job?
Mondays (not)!

Best advice you ever received?
“Stay relevant”.

Favourite piece of technology?
My little electric car.

What do some people think about you that isn’t true?
That I’m a hippy.

What characteristic do you most admire in other people?
Those that stay true to their principles.

What is the most overrated virtue?
Veganisim (hard to beat a fresh humble egg).

What talent would you most like to have?
DIY – I’m all thumbs.

You’ve been elected Taoiseach. What’s the first law you’d repeal or the law you’d create?
Am I allowed two? I would ban Glyphosate immediately, followed by a hefty tax on artificial fertilisers.

Explain organic to a child?
Clean food where the environment and the animal are treated with respect.

Your favourite Glenisk product?
My weekend treat is a pot (or two) of Glenisk Organic Greek Style Salted Caramel…too good not to finish!

A food you would never eat?
Octopus/Squid….they are too intelligent to be eaten.

Your death row meal?
A pot of Glenisk Organic Greek Style Salted Caramel, followed by a Marlboro cigarette.😊

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