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Sustainability has long been at the heart of Glenisk and everything we value from way back before it became a buzz word. Organic since the mid 1990s, we believe in producing premium quality food using organic and locally sourced ingredients, while protecting the environment for generations to come. We were one of the first members of Origin Green – Ireland’s food and drink sustainability programme.

renewable energy

Since before we erected our wind turbine at Glenisk back in 2009, we’ve been thinking about renewable energy. The old wind turbine was introduced to power our reedbeds, created to sustainably manage waste water from our factory. In 2010, Glenisk introduced its first electric vehicle to the fleet. It didn’t travel very far or very fast but it was an important step. We’ve since increased the number of EVs in our business as the technology and battery-life has improved. A major focus of our business now is on identifying sustainable solutions for fleet logistics. Glenisk has been gloriously covered in solar panels not once, but twice! Within weeks of rebuilding our interim factory after a fire in September 2021, the solar panels were back on the roof – an indication of how important this renewable energy source is for our business.

another million trees!

Planting a tree is a simple yet powerful action in the fight against climate change. Designed by nature, a tree grows itself and, once mature, can absorb 20kg of carbon every year! In recent years, Glenisk has partnered with the international development charity Self Help Africa to plant 250,000 native trees in Ireland and 16,000,000 trees in Africa, helping in the fight against climate change. Find out how you can support Self Help Africa here.


Find out more about our certified carbon neutral packaging in our Packaging Commitment.

organic agriculture

Find out more about our commitment and long history with organic agriculture in our Organics Commitment.

waste reduction

Glenisk has all but eliminated waste to landfill over almost 20 years of focusing on this target. We work with FoodCloud to ensure that any fresh product is redeployed to those who need it most, avoiding waste. Glenisk is a supporter and member of Repak, funding important recycling facilities across the country.

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