Custodians of the Land

Custodians of the Land

Custodians of the Land

"No supply and no demand ..." That pretty much summed up the organic dairy market when the Cleary Family from Glenisk decided to go organic more than thirty years ago. With nobody selling organic milk and no-one interested in buying it, the family's dream of creating an organic Ireland seemed unlikely. But nobody said it was going to be easy; and so the crusade began - finding the tiny number of organic farmers in existence and encouraging a great deal more to go organic; creating the best tasting organic milks and yogurts in the world and persuading the stores and supermarkets to stock them. The best part was discovering an entire generation of customers who were experiencing their own organic epiphany - making conscious decisions about their food, their health, the environment and the importance of supporting local economies. These are the people who embrace organic and who share our passion for good food, naturally produced. Many years on, 50 family farms across the island of Ireland have joined the crusade and Glenisk is actively working to convert more. 

Goats milk was once a niche product in our portfolio but its popularity has grown dramatically over time, chosen by people who enjoy its fresh and distinctive flavour, or by those who are less tolerant to lactose. We receive many messages from customers telling us that goats dairy helps to relieve the symptoms of asthma, excema and digestive problems - often quite dramatically

Organic farmers play a unique role in our Irish environment. Their farming techniques and practises protect and preserve our water supplies and the quality of the soil. They are the true custodians of the land.

Being an organic farmer presents its own unique challenges and opportunities. Of course, being an organic farmer is a revolutionary act. Most of our farmers will tell you that their neighbours, friends and family thought they were crazy for wanting to convert to organic, because chemical intensive farming has become the norm. It takes courage and faith to stand out from the crowd. Organic farmers are a unique group that have an eye on the long term view....they ask themselves the important question: will Ireland's green beauty, natural resources, wildlife, and biodiverse fauna be available to future generations?

Meet Our Farmers

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Meet the McCrackens from Co. Tyrone

Meet the Boons from Lorrha, Co. Tipperary

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