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filo cannoli with blueberry yogurt







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method ingredients
  1. 500g Glenisk organic greek style blueberry yogurt
  2. 3/4 sheets of filo pastry cut into 12 sheets into 10cm X 25cm/30cm
  3. 50-75g of chocolate
  4. 35g of crushed pistachios
  5. 1 egg lightly beaten
  6. 25g butter

Garnish (optional)

  1. Dried rose petals, which can be bought at Asian supermarkets
  2. A couple of halved pistachios

Other items needed

  1. Uncooked cannelloni tubes 2-3 10cm X 2.5cm
  2. Baking paper/parchment cut into 12 sheets 38cm x 14cm
  • Preheat the oven to 180C. Roll the pre-cut parchment around the uncooked cannelloni pasta (it should circle the pasta 3-4 times). Rub some butter on the outside of the parchment before rolling one of the cut filo pastry pieces around 2-3 times. When completed, brush the joint and outside of the pastry with a beaten egg.
  • Cover the filo with a tea towel when working to ensure it doesn’t dry out. Slowly remove pasta cannelloni tube and then twist parchment at either end so it starts to fill space inside the roll. Continue twisting until parchment is supporting the pastry structure.
  • Bake for 7 mins in batches until it’s crispy and a light golden colour – keep a close eye to avoid the pastry burning! 
  • Place pastries on cooling rack after they come out of the oven (don’t remove the parchment until the pastry has cooled completely). When removing the parchment gently push it out with your finger to avoid breakages.
  •  Allow pastries to cool on a wire rack before removing the parchment by gently pushing it out with your finger. Melt chocolate in a small bowl over boiling water. Dip both ends of the filo pastry tubes into the chocolate and then into the crushed pistachios; allow to cool on a sheet of parchment.
  • Using a piping bag, fill the tubes with Glenisk organic greek style blueberry yogurt before garnishing with extra pistachios and dried rose petals (if available). Serve immediately and enjoy!
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