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lamb koftas with harissa yogurt







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  1. 465g organic minced lamb
  2. 1 clove garlic, grated
  3. 2tsp ground cumin,
  4. Fresh parsley, chopped
  5. ½tsp allspice
  6. ½tsp fennel seeds
  7. ½tsp paprika
  8. Pinch of salt


  1. 2tbsp Glenisk organic Greek style natural yogurt
  2. 1tsp harissa spice
  3. 1 tomato blended and strained


  1. 250g self-raising flour
  2. ½tsp salt
  3. 100ml water
  4. 50g Glenisk organic Greek style natural yogurt


  1. Fresh pomegranate seeds
  2. Fresh radishes, sliced
  3. Cherry tomatoes
  4. Lettuce leaves
  5. Red onion, sliced thinly
  6. Cucumber, cut into thin strips
  7. Juice of ½ lemon
  8. Lemon wedges
  • For the lamb koftas, combine the mince meat with salt, cumin, chopped parsley, minced garlic, allspice, fennel seeds and paprika. Form into small balls, about 5cm long and 40 grams in weight each, set aside. For the dressing, mix together the Glenisk greek style organic natural yogurt, harissa spice and the blended tomato ensuring it’s drained of excess water and without any seeds.
  • For the flatbreads, mix the flour, water, yogurt and salt into a smooth dough and rest for at least one hour covered with a cloth. Heat a griddle pan until hot. Divide the dough into 12 rounds and flatten with a rolling pin. Cook the flatbreads on the griddle pan for 1-1½ minutes on each side and put on a plate, covered with parchment paper. Cook the koftas on the griddle pan for 5 minutes on each side until the meat is well seared. In a bowl, mix the sliced red onions with lemon juice and let flavours develop until the onions become pink, about 10 minutes. Use a potato peeler to cut the cucumber lengthwise into thin strips.
  • To serve, place the koftas on a large platter with the flatbreads folded into a fan shape alongside lettuce, tomatoes, pomegranate seeds, red onions, cucumber slices, sliced radishes and lemon wedges
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